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About Us

In 2005, Chef Pedro Dos Santos and Marilyn Simms began on a journey to make people and the planet happy with food.

From being the first catering company to use Plant Based tableware to specialising in Vegan menus, Vert continues to this day with the same vision it started with. 

We have been serving many of our customers since we opened and continue to feel fortunate to make food for corporate Toronto everyday with care, passion and creativity.

Since we opened, our community partner, the Toronto Community Hostel continues to enjoy untouched surplus catering food brought directly from our events, 24 hours a day.

Drop by and check out our new casse-croute. A Casse-Croute means a light meal in French. Visit a few next time you are in Quebec. Think roadside smoked meat and poutine, but gourmet.

Thank you for continuing to support our vision to be leaders in sustainability in the food industry.

Marilyn and Pedro